Warm and Comfy with an awesome Island!!

We started with a separate small kitchen and rarely used dining room separated by a loadbearing wall. The vision was to combine these spaces into one large area that the homeowner could use every day with an awesome island! We started by removing the loadbearing wall and putting a new support beam to unify the two rooms. While we were at it, we also put another loadbearing beam in on the other side of the kitchen to open the family room wall as well so that the entire back of the home was unified. Porcilain tile was laid not only in the kitchen but also right to the front door. New raised panel maple cabinetry was then installed, followed by new Cambria Countertops. Fancy glass panels in the display cabinets and a natural stone backsplash topped it all off. The new space is not only stunning, it is also warm and comfortable and encourages family gatherings around the 12 foot island in their new “hub of the home”.


Stained wood


Cambria Quartz